These workshops are instructed by Jim Ramanek a UNH Master Gardener, commercial vegetable grower and co-owner of Warner River Organics in Webster, NH.

Each workshop meets at Concord High School from 6-9 pm in Room W3112 the cost is $35 wksp.

Selling at a Farmers Market – April 19th

In this course we will discuss market gardening, although it doesn’t necessarily apply to produce. The course would be applicable to flowers, herbs, fruit, honey or value added products (salsa). The course will focus on selling at farmer’s markets, how to set up stands, tent usage and safety, legal/liability issues, food and stand safety issues, dealing with customers, signage, identifying potential markets, what products sell, how much to grow or produce. The workshop will be conducted in a short presentation, question and answer format.

Organic Gardening – April 20th

What constitutes “organic” from a personal and a legal perspective? How do you employ sustainable methods in the garden? We will focus on describing sustainable methods to manage soil, using soil amendments and amendment timing, pests and pest control (weed, insect, animal, and disease), and fertility management., the availability of local resources sources for organic and untreated seeds, plants and amendments.